Familias Separadas Michelle Angela Ortiz

"We Are Human Beings" installed in front of the ICE building in Philadelphia. Photo Credit: Steve Weinik

In Process    
Ongoing work on stories of deportations and detention

The Familias Separadas project is a series of temporary site-specific public art works that mark the locations and documents stories of immigrant families affected by deportations in the city of Philadelphia. 

Solo Exhibition

Quizás Mañana (Maybe Tomorrow) is a new body of work that includes an animated installation, light boxes, and portraits that examines the power of familial connection, place, and story.

Public Art    
Havana, Cuba

Somos Regla depicts "la vida cotidiana" the essence of Regla, a deeply spiritual place and that is reflected by the Afro-Cuban community.

Public Art    
Mazahua and Otomi Indigenous Migrant Stories

Two public art projects honoring the migration stories told by the Mazahua and Otomi indigenous communities Mexico City, Mexico.

Public Art    
Outdoor exhibit of Market Stories

JOURNEYS SOUTH: Different Paths, One Market is a public art installation that transformed workplace shelters into an outdoor gallery of Market memories.

Public Art    
A Transnational Project

This public art project explores the impact of immigration in the lives of Mexican immigrant youth in South Philadelphia in connection with youth in Chihuahua, Mexico.

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