Monument LAB: "Seguimos Caminando"

A Moving Monument to the Mothers at Berks

"Seguimos Caminando" (We Continue Walking) is a moving monument dedicated to the mothers detained with their children for close to 2 years at the Berks Detention Center in Pennsylvania.

Through the Shut Down Berks Coalition, I connected with the mothers to collect their stories of their experiences before, during, and after being detained. Their stories unfold through an animation projection will be place on the gates of City Hall in Philadelphia.

We are living in a time where we have an administration that supports white supremacy, hate, and racism. As we tear down monuments, I am dedicated to building new monuments that honor and elevate the people continuing to fight for freedom. 

Presented through Monument LAB, the projection can be seen from every Wednesday and Friday evening at 8-10 pm from September 22nd - November 17th at the North side on the gates of City Hall in Philadelphia.