Monument LAB: “Seguimos Caminando”

A Moving Monument to the Mothers at Berks

Throughout her body of work, Ortiz engages with experiences of immigration in Philadelphia, especially through family stories and intergenerational histories. For Monument Lab, Ortiz’s Seguimos Caminando (We Keep Walking) imagines the gates of City Hall as a space of imaginative projection, juxtaposed with hundreds of sculptures on the building that mark the historic and mythic past of the city. In a series of animated projections held on Wednesday and Friday evenings throughout the exhibition, she will honor mothers previously or currently unjustly detained at Berks Detention Center, a prison outside of Philadelphia for immigrant families. The animated images in her moving monument originate from compiled writings from two mothers sharing their stories while detained at Berks. Ortiz worked on Seguimos Caminando with the Shut Down Berks Coalition and the mothers detained at Berks.

"We are living in a time where we have an administration that supports white supremacy, hate, and racism. As we tear down monuments, I am dedicated to building new monuments that honor and elevate the people continuing to fight for freedom." Ortiz

The projection can be seen every Wednesday and Friday evening at 8-10 pm from September 22nd - November 17th at the North side on the gates of City Hall in Philadelphia.

As part of her monument this month, Ortiz will be at the Monument Lab Research Field Office in the Barnes Foundation leading a series of free paper flower workshops, as a part of Seguimos Caminando (We Keep Walking).  The flowers will be part of a creative action organized with the Shut Down Berks Coalition. Participate and learn more here.