De La Memoria Al Muro

Mazahua and Otomi Indigenous Migrant Stories

In November 2015, Michelle had the honor of working with indigenous communities that migrated to Mexico City, Mexico. She conducted a residency in collaboration with Habitajes AC through their project "De La Memoria Al Muro" (From Memory to the Mural) with the support of the United States Embassy in Mexico, Commission of Human Rights, and other entities.  

For 2.5 weeks, she worked directly with the Mazahua and Otomi indigenous youth and trained local artists in the creation of two six-story murals in Mexico City. The mural designs were inspired by objects, documents, memories, traditions and experiences from the participants that form their collective identity and combat the stereotypes imposed on their communities.

The murals were placed on two buildings in each community. The buildings stand as a visible symbol of the Mazahua and Otomi struggle for equal housing and a decent life in the City. The images in the murals reflect the indigenous person living in the city and seen not as a memory in history books but as a living thriving culture that deserves to be recognized, respected, and heard.